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    • ISBN:9781409174455
    • Publication date:05 Oct 2017
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    • Publication date:26 Jul 2018
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Flagging the Problem

A new approach to mental health

By Harry Barry

  • E-Book
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A practical guide to understanding and coping with anxiety, depression, addiction and suicide using the groundbreaking 'FLAG' system devised by Dr Harry Barry.

A practical guide to understanding and coping with anxiety, depression, addiction and suicide.

Flagging The Problem: A New Approach to Mental Health investigates how the mood system in the brain and the body works, and how problems in this system contribute to anxiety, depression, addiction and suicide.

Bestselling author and GP Dr Harry Barry reveals a pioneering system using a coloured flag which represents a particular mental state or area of concern:
- Green Flag explains the normal mood system
-The Red Flag deals with depression
- The Yellow Flag addresses anxiety
- The Purple Flag deals with addiction
- The White Flag addresses the issue of suicide.

Using this system to help readers visualise the illness and its symptoms, Dr Barry aims to provide hope to those suffering from depression, addiction, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and with it the possibility of a new life where the pain can be alleviated.

Previously published as Flagging the Problem: A New Approach to Mental Health, this edition has been fully revised and updated.

Biographical Notes

Dr. Harry Barry is a highly respected Irish author and medic, with over three decades of experience as a GP. With a keen interest in the area of mental health and suicide prevention, Dr. Barry is the author of numerous books addressing various aspects of mental health including depression and toxic stress. Dr. Barry regularly contributes to media coverage of these topics and is on the board of Aware.ie.

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  • ISBN: 9781409174462
  • Publication date: 05 Oct 2017
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  • Imprint: Orion Spring

Having read Flagging the Problem, I now have a much better understanding of why Niall
died. This book is written in very simple terms, exploring the complex nature of depression
and suicidal tendencies. It is a 'must read' for every parent, informing them of the tell-tale
warning signs of depression and suicide.

— John, father of Niall, who died by suicide in 2002

This is a superb book; it looks at mental-health problems in a fresh and accessible way. The
use of an innovative 'flag' method to explain mood disorders offers a unique insight into
depression. Flagging the Problem could help save lives that might otherwise be lost to suicide.

— Dr Muiris Houston, Medical Correspondent, The Irish Times