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  • Rivers of London

    CityRead London 2015

    In the heart of the capital, a different world lies . . .
  • Mason Cross

    The Killing Season

    For fans of Lee Child and James Patterson, THE KILLING SEASON is a fast-paced American thriller with a central character who could give Jack Reacher, Alex Cross and Jason Bourne a run for their money.
  • Linwood Barclay

    No Time for Goodbye

    A reissue of Linwood Barclay's brilliant first thriller - the fastest-selling R&J title to date - including a chapter of the sequel NO SAFE HOUSE.
  • Craig Johnson

    The Cold Dish

    TV tie-in edition to publish alongside Season 3 of Longmire, based on the Craig Johnson books, which is coming soon on TCM. Craig Johnson is a New York Times bestseller.
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Woman of the Dead

By Bernhard Aichner, Anthea Bell
The unstoppable German thriller which is sweeping the globe: KILL BILL meets DEXTER via THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO in this hugely compelling novel about a woman who seeks revenge and gets it.

One of the Telegraph's Best Crime Fiction Books for 2015

'An ironclad guarantee of sleepless nights' INDEPENDENT

'One of the most arresting thrillers I've read for years' LISA GARDNER

'Aichner has a talent for keeping readers hooked - this is a gripping read and the character of Blum lives long in the mind' TELEGRAPH

How far would you go to avenge the one you love?

Blum has a secret buried deep in her past.

She thought she'd left the past behind.

But then Mark, the man she loves, dies.

His death looks like a hit-and-run. It isn't a hit-and-run. Mark has been killed by the men he was investigating.

And then, suddenly, Blum rediscovers what she's capable of...

KILL BILL meets DEXTER via THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, WOMAN OF THE DEAD is a wild ride of a thriller where the first stage of grief is revenge. And revenge is a dish best served bloody.

One of the most arresting thrillers I've read for years. Hypnotic! Aichner plumbs the darkest depths of the human psyche in this compelling tale of a female undertaker. As a mother, Blum is touching and relatable. But as a vengeful wife determined to hunt down her husband's killers... Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.An ironclad guarantee of sleepless nightsAichner has a talent for keeping readers hooked - this is a gripping read and the character of Blum lives long in the mind.Woman of the Dead is a horrifying thriller with strong links to Jeff Linday's Dexter . . . Aichner's character is so strongly realised that, like Dexter, the reader wills her on to succeed. Woman of the Dead will surprise as it horrifies.There is a wicked and thrilling high concept to the story, lots of action, and a sexy and dangerous female protagonist.A wonderful thriller about love and retribution - playful, dark and dangerous - I read it in one sitting

Bernhard Aichner was born in 1972 and lives in Innsbruck, Austria, where he works as an author and photographer. As research for WOMAN OF THE DEAD, he worked as an undertaker's assistant for six months.

Anthea Bell has won numerous awards for her translations, including the INDEPENDENT FOREIGN FICTION PRIZE for W. G. Sebald's AUSTERLITZ, the OXFORD-WEIDENFELD TRANSLATION PRIZE, and the SOCIETY OF AUTHORS' SCHLEGEL-TIECK PRIZE on several occasions. Best known for her translation of the Asterix series, Bell was awarded an OBE in 2010 for services to literature. She lives and works in Cambridge.

WOMAN OF THE DEAD has already been flagged by the BOOKSELLER as a title to watch (with W&N leading the 'Deutschicrime' movement) and by the HERALD as a highly anticipated Euro Noir thriller.It's deliciously dark with a gothic, gory edge (the author spent six months working as an undertaker as research...)Rights sold in 10 territories and counting. It has been dominating the bestseller charts in Germany and Austria.To be translated by the acclaimed Anthea Bell, who says of the novel 'After the Scandi noir genre, what next? Very probably Aichner's murderous heroine, I think'.Producers of THE FALL Justin Thomson Glover and Patrick Irwin are set to work on WOMAN OF THE DEAD, turning it into a TV mini-series in English to be distributed worldwide.


By Rory MacLean
The first single-volume biography of Berlin, one of the world's great cities - told via twenty-one portraits, from medieval times to the twenty-first century.

The first single-volume biography of Berlin, one of the world's great cities - told via twenty-one portraits, from medieval times to the twenty-first century.

A city devastated by Allied bombs, divided by a Wall, then reunited and reborn, Berlin today resonates with the echo of lives lived, dreams realised and evils executed. No other city has repeatedly been so powerful and fallen so low. And few other cities have been so shaped and defined by individual imaginations.

Through vivid portraits spanning five centuries, Rory MacLean reveals the varied and rich history of Berlin, from its brightest to its darkest moments. We encounter an ambitious prostitute refashioning herself as a princess, a Scottish mercenary fighting for the Prussian Army, Marlene Dietrich flaunting her sexuality and Hitler fantasising about the mega-city Germania. The result is a uniquely imaginative biography of one of the world's most volatile yet creative cities.

[MacLean] writes with the lyricism of Bruce Chatwin and the traveller's eye of Marco Polo. He engages with his readers as if he is talking to an intelligent friend. Read this book if you already know Berlin, or will do one day.MacLean's original and well-researched vignettes makes up a mosaic and kaleidoscope. MacLean is a highly visual writer, and his dialogue is crisp and believable. Rory MacLean deserves to win all the prizes going.(a) wonderful bookBerlin vies with London, currently, as the coolest city on the planet. MacLean's wonderfully knowledgable overview of the city's history helps explain the place's enduring fascination."Berlin: Portrait of a City Through the Centuries" is an extraordinary work of history. To call it history is, in fact, reductive. There's some historical analysis, quite a lot of fiction, some philosophizing, lashings of wit and a fair dose of invective. It's a work of imagination, reflection, reverence, perplexity and criticism that reveals as much about the author's precocious mind as it does about the city he adores. The book's most profound feature, however, is its beautiful writing - phrases of transcendent rhythm force the reader to reverse and read again. Never mind that the logic is occasionally shaky and the facts sometimes slip, the prose is perfect. MacLean calls Berlin "the capital of reinvention." This explains why his biography of the city is not about the place per se, but about those who shaped it or were shaped by it: Berlin as a canvas on which people paint their dreams.The strength of MacClean's book is that he reveals how Berlin has served all of us as a multi-faceted prism, of time, of history, or artistic enterprise. The author is a non-academic historian wearing his knowledge lightly, sharing his experiences deftly.... He is a journalist too, and his style is concise, pithy, anecdotal. The book is more a collage than it is a chronology, and is stronger for it.This grandly ambitious work has a noble intention: to re-create through art and imagination the whole historic presence of a great capital, from its beginnings to its present day...Maclean's book is a wonderful achievement, not justly to be summarised in the few hundred words of a review. but hauntingly representing, as in a tangled dream, 600 years of history.I loved it. It is such a beautiful way of understanding history, its stories are so vivaciously told, it is so heartfelt, so intelligent, and so talkative a book. So many of the characters do end up talking to each other, and the author is eavesdropping. It paints the past and the present, portrays Berlin as a portrait of someone you love. It is beautiful.A brilliant new history of Berlin...What makes MacLean's history of Berlin stand out is that this is an intensely human document, a rich tapestry spanning five centuries and woven together through intimate portraits of 21 if its former inhabitants which collectively reveal the narrative of the city....This is how I love history to be told, through the people who live it...a fascinating book.The best history is biography: the story of the people who shaped and destroyed, entertained, beautified and murdered. Rory MacLean imagines Berlin through its inhabitants.Berlin takes the form of 23 portraits of individuals...the text sings. A compelling piece about the industrialist and Weimar foreign minister Walter Rathenau is full of auguries of the nightmares of the 30s and 40s.Rory MacLean's Berlin: Imagine a History is intelligent, entertaining and ambitious...MacLean has written a great book about Berliners.Rory MacLean offers an entirely beguiling and original portrait of Berlin. His is a highly unusual history told in a variety of forms by 'vital anonymous players in history's grand drama' alongside some of the major thinkers, dreamers, artists, warmongers and idealists who have shaped this eternally enthralling metropolis....a perfect companion for those about to discover, or attempting to make sense of, their own Berlin.An atmospheric view of Berlin as seen through its people.

Rory MacLean has known three Berlins: West Berlin, where he made movies with David Bowie and Marlene Dietrich, East Berlin, where he researched his first book, STALIN'S NOSE, and now the unified capital. He has twice been shortlisted for the THOMAS COOK TRAVEL BOOK PRIZE and he has been nominated for the INTERNATIONAL IMPAC DUBLIN LITERARY AWARD. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and recipient of a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship. He has also written and presented many radio programmes for the BBC. Born in Vancouver and resident for many years in the UK, he divides his time between Berlin, London and Dorset.

Berlin is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, with one of the most volatile and fascinating histories, but unlike Paris, Rome, Venice, Barcelona or London, it lacks a single-volume biography.The product of a lifetime's experience and research, BERLIN could prove to be the defining book in the career of this much-admired and well-connected writer.The paperback is being published with a fresh new cover.

As Chimney Sweepers Come To Dust

By Alan Bradley
The seventh novel in Alan Bradley's addictive Flavia de Luce mystery series.

It all began with that awful business about my mother, Harriet...

Following the dramatic events at the conclusion of THE DEAD IN THEIR VAULTED ARCHES and the shocking revelations about her mother, Flavia de Luce finds herself expelled from the familiar confines of Bishop's Lacey and her beloved family home, Buckshaw, and 'packed off', as she puts it, to Miss Bodycote's Female Academy in Canada. With its forbidding headmistress and bizarre rules, adapting to Miss Bodycote's is quite a challenge. But Flavia is soon on familiar ground, when, on her first night, a mummified body is dislodged from a chimney, and she is presented with a gruesome puzzle to solve.

And the mystery of the withered corpse is only the beginning. Girls have been disappearing from Miss Bodycote's with alarming regularity, leading Flavia to wonder not only how and why, but what exactly is the academy's true purpose, and why were they so keen that she enrol? If Flavia is to avoid the same fate as the missing girls, she must enter a shadowy world where truth and lies seem interchangeable and no one can be trusted. And ultimately she must discover what it means to be her mother's daughter.

Alan Bradley is the author of the bestselling Flavia de Luce novels, which have won numerous awards and been translated into 30 languages.Soon to be a major TV series from Sam Mendes and Neal Street Productions - the makers of CALL THE MIDWIFE.The first novel in the series, THE SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE, received outstanding reviews and established Flavia de Luce as the freshest and most engaging sleuth to appear since Alexander McCall Smith's Precious Ramotswe.Alan Bradley has won numerous awards, including the CWA DEBUT DAGGER AWARD and the 2010 AGATHA AWARD for the Best First Novel.Flavia is one of the most original and engaging sleuths in the genre, and the novel's dark-tinged nostalgia is irresistible.Perfect for fans of Alexander McCall Smith and classic period English crime.

Song of the Sea

By Jane Dolby
One woman's journey through love and loss to find her voice with the Fishwives Choir.

Jane Dolby fell in love with a fisherman - the most dangerous peacetime occupation that exists - leading her to find a place in a traditional British world that many have forgotten.

Jane was not expecting to fall in love, but she did with Colin, a local fisherman in her hometown. Then one day she faces the loss every fisherman's wife fears: the disappearance of her husband when his boat overturns at sea. Three days later, the boat is finally dredged up, without Colin. As the same time as Jane struggles with her grief, she must fight to keep a roof over her family's heads. With the help and kindness of friends and strangers, the fishing world rallies around one of their own and in time, Jane forms a plan to give something back to the community that has helped her. Jane brings together 40 women from fishing communities up and down the country to release a charity single, founding The Fishwives Choir, and gives a voice to women previously unheard.

SONG OF THE SEA is the true story of one woman's love and loss, and after years in which grief stole her ability to sing, she finds her own voice again.

Jane Dolby lives in Leigh-on-Sea on the Essex coast with her two children. Jane formed the Fishwive's Choir, which has seen them perform all over the country and on BBC BREAKFAST, ITV, THE ONE SHOW and many more.

The Fishwives website can be found at Their music can be heard at and they also have a Facebook page

Without any record or management deal, The Fishwives Choir's single, When The Boat Comes In / Eternal Father, has charted at No.1 on the iTunes vocal charts.Jane Dolby has also won major media coverage for the choir and the story behind it including appearances on BBC BREAKFAST, THE ONE SHOW, ITV NEWS, BBC RADIO 2, the WORLD SERVICE, and in print the DAILY TELEGRAPH, MAIL ON SUNDAY, DAILY EXPRESS, MAIL ONLINE, SHE, PRIMA, BEST and TAKE A BREAK.Jane's legal battle was mentioned in the House of Lords.The YouTube video of The Fishwives Choir single, 'When The Boat Comes In' has over 25k views.Jane has raised thousands of pounds for charity including the Fisherman's Mission Charity.The Fishwives Choir are touring the UK.

Far From The Madding Crowd (film)

By Thomas Hardy
Soon to be a major motion picture starring Carey Mulligan, Michael Sheen and Tom Sturridge.

'... the past was yesterday; the future, tomorrow; never, the next day'

It's the 1870s and Bathsheba Everdene is a woman ahead of her time. Within the confines of rural English society, her independence and impulsive nature quickly land her at the heart of a web of love and lies. Three very different men hope to claim her. But Bathsheba is fickle. And as she forges her own path through the politics of love and marriage, disaster follows in her wake.

FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD is a tale of loyalty, obsession and tragedy from a storytelling master. Soon to be a film starring Carey Mulligan, Michael Sheen and Tom Sturridge.

Born in 1840, Thomas Hardy is one of the nation's best-known novelists. The author of such classics as FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD, TESS OF THE D'URBERVILLES and JUDE THE OBSCURE, Hardy is renowned for his novels set in the Wessex landscape.Soon to be a major Hollywood film with an all-star cast, including Tom Sturridge and woman of the moment, Carey Mulligan.The reissues of Fitzgerald's novels did very well on Amazon (an Amazon Top 10 seller) with the release of THE GREAT GATSBY film, so we would hope to do similar with this classic.FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD is an enduring classic and a wonderful read, which will be reissued with a beautiful cover.

Ian Rankin Returns With The 20th Rebus

The Orion Publishing Group has announced the welcome return of John Rebus in Ian Rankin’s new novel EVEN DOGS IN THE WILD. It is the twentieth book in the Rebus series and will be published in autumn 2015.