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By Saul Black


Troubled San Francisco homicide detective Valerie Hart is planning a rare weekend away from the job when she gets the call. A body has been found. A woman, brutally murdered. And the cryptic note left by the body is addressed to Valerie.

The victim is unknown to her, but as Valerie analyses the scene, the clues begin to point in a deeply disturbing direction: to a maximum security prison where a woman called Katherine Glass is awaiting execution for a series of gruesome killings. And Valerie was the cop who put her there.

The last thing Valerie wants to do is re-enter Katherine's twisted world, but when a second body is discovered, with another puzzling clue, she realises she has no choice. Katherine Glass holds the key to the killings, and Valerie needs to find out what she knows before the murders come even closer to home.

Even if it means playing a deadly game where once again, the psychopathic killer holds all the cards.

Brutally compelling serial killer thriller... told at blistering pace.Explosively exciting... The sheer brilliance of the prose and the pace of the action sweeps you up into a utterly believable world.Knuckle-whiteningly terrifying.Hard, fast and dark.Brimming with stomach-churning violence, spine-tingling psychological tension, black humour and fast-paced action, these pulsating, brutal, graphic stories, written from the darkest corners of crime fiction are not for the faint-hearted ... Saul dishes up a complex, clever and compelling chiller-thriller as Valerie plays cat-and-mouse with a ruthless murderer and an enigmatic female accomplice whose motives remain electrifyingly uncertain and menacing ... Writing with his trademark flair, intelligence and fluidity, Saul turns the tense, unnerving confrontations between the inscrutable Katherine and the cool-headed Valerie into a series of edge-of-the-seat show-stoppers ... Intriguing, unsettling and utterly compulsive, this is a series that could run and run.An easy read, with a compelling plot that develops atpace until its chilling climax.Black is British but with an authentic American thriller style, his darkly poetic descriptive touch creates a stealthy, sinister mood, that builds to an unbearably tense climax ...the suspense is electric.The second spine-chilling serial-killer thriller featuring homicide detective Valerie Hart from the author of the critically-acclaimed THE KILLING LESSONSSaul Black has written numerous acclaimed novels under his real name Glen Duncan, including The Last Werewolf trilogy and I, Lucifer. He lives in London.Saul Black is the pseudonym of critically esteemed author Glen Duncan, whose novels of sex, death, good and evil have brought him extraordinary acclaim.Valerie Hart is a brilliantly compelling heroine.The second novel in what is set to be a classic crime-thriller series.

The Brexit Survival Activity Book

By Wayne Kerr, Wayne Kerr

A parody survival guide to Brexit, the perfect stocking filler gift for the politically dissatisfied person in your life!

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: the Great Brexit sing-a-long, Find the Foreign Secretary and a Theresa May mindfulness exercise.

Packed with a host of games, puzzles, activities and jokes, THE BREXIT SURVIVAL ACTIVITY BOOK will take your mind off the impending doom of not being allowed to compete in Eurovision.

Remember - if you don't laugh, you'll only cry. So grab a pencil, and get puzzling!

A parody survival guide to Brexit, the perfect stocking filler for Remainers!

Wayne Kerr is a former relationship therapist (not an expert though, Britain's had enough of them!) who has helped millions get over such break-ups as Brad and Jen, Zayn and 1D and Charlie Simpson and Busted. Now he's here to support you through Brexit Britain with psychologically beneficial activities and specialist coping exercises. It's going to be ok, folks.

Wayne Kerr is an ex-pat living off-grid in the Eurozone with his pet spaniel, Darius.

The first to market Brexit parody book - the only competing title is FIVE GO TO BREXIT ISLAND

Parting Shot

By Linwood Barclay

A gripping thriller packed with scandal in a small town, from the master of the twist you never saw coming - international bestseller, Linwood Barclay.

When a young girl from Promise Falls is killed by a drunk driver, the community wants answers.

It doesn't matter that the accused is a kid himself: all they see is that he took a life and got an easy sentence. As pack mentality kicks in and social media outrage builds, vicious threats are made against the boy and his family.

When Cal Weaver is called in to investigate, he finds himself caught up in a cold-blooded revenge plot. Someone in the town is threatening to put right some wrongs...

And in Cal's experience, it's only ever a matter of time before threats turn into action.

A keep-you-guessing thriller about a family with a dark secret hiding in a town with no patience for lies.

Linwood Barclay is the international bestselling author of many critically acclaimed novels, including NO SAFE HOUSE, A TAP ON THE WINDOW, TRUST YOUR EYES and the Richard & Judy 2008 Summer Read winner and number one bestseller, NO TIME FOR GOODBYE. He lives near Toronto with his wife.

2017 is going to be an action-packed year for Linwood Barclay, with a robust campaign of activity throughout the whole year to significantly grow his audience.This is a standalone thriller told at break-neck speed - sure to impress Linwood's existing and new readers.We have a refreshed package for Linwood Barclay which our target audience have responded to terrifically - sales of the latest paperback FAR FROM TRUE are up 10%.


By Ronnie O'Sullivan

Frankie James is a young man with a lot on his shoulders. His mother disappeared when he was sixteen; his father's in jail for armed robbery; and he owes rent on his Soho snooker club to one of London's toughest gangsters. Things, you'd think, can only get better. Actually, they're about to get a whole lot worse.

He always swore to his mum he'd keep his younger, wilder brother out of trouble, but when Jack turns up at the club, covered in someone else's blood, and with the cops hard on his heels, Frankie has no choice but to enter the sordid world of bent coppers, ruthless mobsters and twisted killers he's tried all his life to avoid.

But in the dog-eat-dog underworld of 1990s Soho - as a vicious gang war rages between London's two foremost crime families - will Frankie be tough enough, and smart enough to come out on top?

The first crime novel from the UK's most charismatic sporting genius

Since turning professional in 1992, O'Sullivan has clocked up an incredible number of awards and trophies, including the UK Championship, the China Open, the Regal Championships, the Benson and Hedges Masters and the British Open. In January 2000 O'Sullivan won the Nations Cup for England, boasting the best record of any player, 13 wins from 15 frames played.

Follow him on Twitter @ronnieo147

A tarnished national treasure, Ronnie O'Sullivan's appeal goes far beyond snooker fansDraws on his own compelling life story to produce a grittily authentic crime novelRonnie's autobiography, RUNNING, was widely praised

The Last Days of Leda Grey

By Essie Fox

'Leda Grey's world is utterly beguiling' THE TIMES Book of the Week

A bewitching novel about an enigmatic silent film actress, and the volatile love affair that left her a recluse for over half a century - for fans of Sarah Waters and Tracy Chevalier.

During the oppressive heat wave of 1976 a young journalist, Ed Peters, finds an Edwardian photograph in a junk shop in the seaside town of Brightland. It shows an alluring, dark-haired girl, an actress whose name was Leda Grey.

Enchanted by the image, Ed learns Leda Grey is still living - now a recluse in a decaying cliff-top house she once shared with a man named Charles Beauvois, a director of early silent film. As Beauvois's muse and lover, Leda often starred in scenes where stage magic and trick photography were used to astonishing effect.

But, while playing a cursed Egyptian queen, the fantasies captured on celluloid were echoed in reality, leaving Leda abandoned and alone for more than half a century - until the secrets of her past result in a shocking climax, more haunting than any to be in found in the silent films of Charles Beauvois.

'A richly evocative story, brimming with intrigue and suspense' M.L. Stedman, author of THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS

A richly evocative story, brimming with intrigue and suspenseLeda Grey's world is utterly beguilingDark, haunting, compelling... equal to DuMaurier's novels - this book held me in its grip. Loved it.Macabre, transporting, thick with atmosphere and allusionDarkly sparkling. Very much enjoyed my days in Leda's twilight world. Doubt I'll sleep all that well tonight...Fox's tale of obsessive love is memorable and unusualShades of Sunset Boulevard in this atmospheric chillerA richly textured, highly coloured and entirely pleasurable readA fabulous foray into a shadowy Victorian worldA wonderfully creepy tale. Leda is a triumphI loved this book and recommend it to anyone looking for a delightfully immersive and imaginative spell in the pastFox's vivid, sensual prose is - fittingly - as seductive as a siren's song, drawing you into a shadowy Victorian world of obsession and guilt... An intoxicating follow-up to 2011's acclaimed The Somnambulist. Recommended to fans of Sarah WatersAn obvious comparison is with early Sarah Waters. The glee with which Fox approaches her material is infectious. All Victorian life is here. IntriguingA deliciously eerie affair... A story of obsession, jealousy, mysterious deaths and theatrically supernatural goings-on as very strange truths are tantalisingly revealedA bewitching novel about an enigmatic silent film actress, and the volatile love affair that left her a recluse for over half a century - for fans of Sarah Waters and Tracy ChevalierEssie Fox's debut novel THE SOMNAMBULIST was selected for the Channel 4 TV Book Club and was shortlisted for a National Book Award in 2012. She is the author of The Virtual Victorian (, and divides her time between Windsor and Bow in the East End of London. She can be found on Twitter @essiefox.Essie Fox was shortlisted for the Best New Writer Award at the National Book Awards in December 2013.Essie Fox's debut novel, THE SOMNAMBULIST was a darkly compelling and sensual novel set in Victorian London and Herefordshire and was a pick in the TV Book Club in February 2012.Essie's writing is in the vein of Sarah Waters and Tracy Chevalier, but far more accessible and commercial.Essie Fox is the author of the charming blog the Virtual Victorian: She has excellent online presence, with her own website: and an active Twitter account.


By Joanne M Harris

It's been five hundred years since the end of the world and society has rebuilt itself anew. The old Norse gods are no longer revered. Their tales have been banned. Magic is outlawed, and a new religion - the Order - has taken its place.

In a remote valley in the north, fourteen-year-old Maddy Smith is shunned for the ruinmark on her hand - a sign associated with the Bad Old Days. But what the villagers don't know is that Maddy has skills. According to One-Eye, the secretive Outlander who is Maddy's only real friend, her ruinmark - or runemark, as he calls it - is a sign of Chaos blood, magical powers and gods know what else...

Now, as the Order moves further north, threatening all the Worlds with conquest and Cleansing, Maddy must finally learn the truth to some unanswered questions about herself, her parentage, and her powers.

From the bestselling author of CHOCOLAT and THE GOSPEL OF LOKI comes a fantastical tale of magic, adventure and Norse mythology.

A gripping tale of magic, adventure and Norse mythology from the SUNDAY TIMES bestselling author of CHOCOLAT and THE GOSPEL OF LOKI.A beautifully packaged reissue of Joanne Harris's first foray into fantasy fiction.Joanne Harris is an enormous international bestseller. CHOCOLAT has sold over 1 million copies and was made into an OSCAR-nominated film. She has been a consistent Top 5 bestseller in both formats ever since.RUNEMARKS and its sequel, RUNELIGHT, are clever, funny and accessible fantasy novels that will appeal to readers of all ages.RUNEMARKS introduces the charming and mischievous Loki, a character who takes centre stage in Joanne's adult fantasy novel, THE GOSPEL OF LOKI.Norse mythology has been a life-long obsession for Harris (she can read the Norse language), and this passion comes out powerfully in her fantasy novels.Joanne is active on social media and has over 27K Twitter followers.