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Weidenfeld & Nicolson announces the death of founder Lord Weidenfeld

It is with great sadness that Weidenfeld & Nicolson announces that its founder and Chairman, Lord Weidenfeld, has died in London aged 96.

The Joy of Half A Cookie

By Jean Kristeller, Alisa Bowman

Anyone who's tried to lose weight through sheer will power knows how difficult, if not impossible, it can be. In this practical and paradigm-shifting book, Dr. Jean Kristeller presents a new alternative--a program for weight loss based on her successful Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training Program. Instead of frustration, depravation, backsliding, guilt, and a lack of results, The Joy of Half a Cookie provides simple, proven ways to lose weight and keep it off, using what we now know about the power of the mind.

The first book to bring mindfulness to the dieting space in a truly accessible and mainstream way, The Joy of Half a Cookie will show readers how to lose weight while:

- ditching willpower, guilt, and cravings
- loving every bite, including favorite and previously "forbidden" foods
- tapping into the body's satiety signals

Written for anyone who wants to lose weight - not just the mediation and yoga crowd - this accessible book delivers a proven way to find peace of mind and a healthier relationship with food, for life.

The Joy of Half a Cookie shows how you can forget about willpower and instead harness the power of mindfulness to make the dieting process much easier.Using mindfulness to lose weight and end the struggle with food.

Jean Kristeller, Ph.D. is professor emeritus of psychology at Indiana State University and the creator of the NIH-funded Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT). Self, Redbook, NPR's "The Salt," The Boston Globe, The Baltimore Sun, and many other outlets interview her regularly and cover her research.

Alisa Bowman is a professional writer and ghostwriter who has penned more than 30 titles, including seven NY Times bestsellers. Bowman has appeared on Today, The CBS Early Show, FOX, and Discovery Health.

This book brings together two big trends: mindfulness and weight lossThe mindfulness movement is still growing, and books on the subject have sold incredibly well. Mark Williams' MINDFULNESS has sold over 200k copiesJean Kristeller is an established academic, and her authoritative and accessible writing will appeal to UK audiences

Always Hungry?

By David S. Ludwig

ALWAYS HUNGRY? will be both a relief and a revelation to many who struggle with weight. We're not getting fat because we're overeating; we're overeating because we're getting fat. In other words, what makes us constantly hungry, overweight, and undernourished is not a lack of will power, but a biological reaction to our present-day diet and lifestyle. Our fat cells are hoarding the nutrients from the food we eat instead of releasing them into the bloodstream to be used, triggering a starvation response that sets us up for failure: if we eat more, we'll gain weight; if we eat less, we'll slow our metabolism down and (again) gain weight. HELP!

ALWAYS HUNGRY shows us how to break out of this cycle that is keeping us overweight. It helps us to:

- re-programme our fat cells
- tame humger
- boost our metabolism
- lose weight

In a clear, compassionate, and authoritative voice, Dr Ludwig debunks the calorie myth that losing weight is simply a matter of eating less. He explains the science and the research behind our epidemic of overweightness and presents a detailed, highly structured plan to help us conquer the cravings.

Dr David Ludwig has found a fresh angle on the battle of the bulge, arguing that we should stop cutting calories and ditch low-fat diets.Eating less and moving more is no longer the Holy Grail of weight reduction. Instead, nationally acclaimed obesity researcher Dr. David Ludwig is sending your fat cells to boot camp for retraining. Readers will reap the rewards of Dr. Ludwig's years of revolutionary research as he provides an easy, practical blueprint for achieving and sustaining an optimal, healthy body weight.Once in a generation a scientist comes along who tells a new story about why we are sick and how we can heal. Dr. David Ludwig is that scientist. ALWAYS HUNGRY? is a powerful book that breaks apart every myth about weight loss, and Explains for the first time why we get fat and why we are always hungry. If you want to end once and for all your struggles with weight, then read this book and follow its guidance.David Ludwig is one of the very few voices of true authority in the world of obesity. This book goes to the heart of the underlying cause of weight gain -- being constantly hungry. If you care about your future health, then this is the one book you should read and pay careful attention to.David Ludwig is a leading thinker on nutrition and body wight control, and is one of the few who can harness the best of scientific information to help people in their everyday lives. This book is sound, helpful, and breaks new ground.This is NOT a diet book. Instead, it describes a way of eating that reprograms our fat cells to release excess fat for weight loss without hunger. Ludwig combines cutting-edge science and clinical experience into an achievable eating pattern that anyone could follow.David Ludwig's work is an inspiration. He clearly shows you can lose weight without being hungry by focusing on what you eat, not how much you eat. Read ALWAYS HUNGRY? if you want to lose weight without the struggle.In ALWAYS HUNGRY?, world renowned endocrinologist and researcher David Ludwig explains in clear, accessible language what has made Americans so fat, and what we can do to reverse the obesity epidemic for ourselves, our children and our nation. This is a must-read!Starving yourself and over-exercising makes you weak, not thin. Learn from a leading voice in nutrition how to strategically use food to permanently end cravings. You'll never worry about calories again.Finally, after decades of portion control, counting calories, and low-fat diets, a weight loss book based on modern science. All calories are not created equal, and all diet books are not the same: ALWAYS HUNGRY? sets a new standard for successful, healthy weight loss.Dr. Ludwig explains why throwing out our calorie-counters and paying more attention to the quality of our diets can result in a healthier weight, and to more enjoyment from eating at the same time. This is a must-read for anyone who has struggled to maintain a healthy weight.Finally, an explanation for why so many people have failed in dieting, and a roadmap for how to improve metabolism, curb hunger, and lose weight successfully. Dr. Ludwig's book is not only instructive, it is life-transforming.ALWAYS HUNGRY? deftly explores the science underlying why we make our food choices. And this information, so well presented, is a game-changer. Dr. Ludwig's dietary plan lets you look upon food with passionate embrace as the fundamental key to changing your health destiny.ALWAYS HUNGRY? will cause a much needed seismic shift in the way we think about weight loss. Prepare to change your health for the better.ALWAYS HUNGRY will change everything readers ever thought about weight loss, diet, and health, and show us how to lose weight without counting the calories or feeling hungry.Dr David Ludwig is a researcher at Boston Children's Hospital and Professor at Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on the effects of diet on hormones, metabolism and body weight and has fought for policy changes for restricted food advertising directed at young children. He has written over 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles and numerous pieces for the popular press.Dr David Ludwig is the scientist behind the research of The Zone and Blood Sugar Solution diets.TIME magazine called him an 'obesity warrior'.Dr Ludwig is one of the most frequently quoted academics in the field of nutrition and obesity with several thousand interviews and citations in major media outlets since 2005.He has written for the NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST and TIME Magazine.He is also a strong international presence and has appeared on or written for the media in Australia, France, India, Ireland and Sweden amongst others.Dr David Ludwig presents a paradigm-shifting approach: A weight loss strategy that debunks the calorie myth"A friend recently asked me who I thought understood the conflicts about nutrition in today's medical and scientific community. I didn't have to think before I answered 'David Ludwig.' Over the last two or three years, Dr David Ludwig has been the person I turn to first and last when I have a tough question about nutrition, and his advice - which he gives in language a moderately intelligent journalist can understand - has always steered me in the right direction." - Mark BittmanI have always found his perspective on the public health crisis linked to diet to be scientifically rigorous, original, and politically galvanizing. He's talked to me about the book he has in mind and i'm confident it will make an important contribution to the public conversation about food and health. - Michael Pollan

The Martini Shot and Other Stories

By George Pelecanos

From the writer of the HBO series Treme and The Wire comes a brand new collection of short stories

What really goes on beneath the surface of a city?

There's the slum kid whose basketball skills earn him loyal friends and bitter rivals. The police informant grappling with his own sick conscience. A helpless young drug dealer watches as violence seeps into the lives of those who he cares about. And a writer on a TV cop show who finds drama and reality are colliding much too close to home.

Corruption, revenge, honour, sacrifice and the fight to survive.

Dark, fast-paced and crackling with energy, these stories expose the violence and darkness on the streets of any city. Gritty and hard-hitting, THE MARTINI SHOT is Pelecanos at his very best.

Even if you didn't know that Pelecanos is a hotshot screenwriter - his CV includes The Wire, The Pacific and Treme - you would soon guess so as you tore through these tough and slangy tales of drugs and death .... Pelecanos knows how to make every word count.For anyone who has somehow missed out on Pelecanos, he is up there with Elmore Leonard and even ChandlerPelecanos displays a ferocious understanding of street reality and an empathy for America's downtroddenA brand-new collection of stories from an award-winning writer of HBO series Treme and The Wire

George Pelecanos was born in Washington, D.C. in 1957. He worked as a line cook, dishwasher, bartender, and woman's shoe salesman before publishing his first novel in 1992.

Pelecanos is the author of twenty books set in and around Washington, D.C.: A Firing Offense, Nick's Trip, Shoedog, Down By the River Where the Dead Men Go, The Big Blowdown, King Suckerman, The Sweet Forever, Shame the Devil, Right as Rain, Hell to Pay, Soul Circus, Hard Revolution, Drama City, The Night Gardener, The Turnaround, The Way Home, The Cut, What It Was, The Double, and The Martini Shot. He has been the recipient of the Raymond Chandler award in Italy, the Falcon award in Japan, and the Grand Prix Du Roman Noir in France. Hell to Pay and Soul Circus were awarded the 2003 and 2004 Los Angeles Times Book Prizes. The Turnaround won the Hammett Prize for literary excellence in the field of crime writing. His fiction has appeared in Playboy, Esquire, and the collections Unusual Suspects, Best American Mystery Stories of 1997, Measures of Poison, Best American Mystery Stories of 2002, Men From Boys, and Murder at the Foul Line. He served as editor on the collections D.C. Noir and D.C. Noir 2: The Classics, as well as The Best Mystery Stories of 2008. He is an award-winning essayist who has written for The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, GQ, Sight and Sound, Uncut, Mojo, and numerous other publications. Esquire magazine called him "the poet laureate of the D.C. crime world." In Entertainment Weekly, Stephen King wrote that Pelecanos is "perhaps the greatest living American crime writer." Pelecanos would like to point out that Mr. King used the word "perhaps."

Pelecanos was a producer, writer, and story editor for the acclaimed HBO dramatic series, The Wire, winner of the Peabody Award, the AFI Award, and the Edgar. He was nominated for an Emmy for his writing on that show. He was a writer and co-producer on the World War II miniseries The Pacific, produced by Steven Spielberg, and most recently worked as a writer and Executive Producer on the HBO series Treme.
Pelecanos lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. He is at work on his next novel.

Few other writers are capable of delivering the same high level of sophistication in the crime-thriller genreAs ever, the genius is in the characters that George creates, you see the world from their point of view, a world in which there are no simple answers.George Pelecanos is also a writer and producer on the hugely successful American TV shows, THE WIRE and TREME, and is the Executive Producer on BOARDWALK EMPIRE

The Promise

By Robert Crais

Elvis Cole and Joe Pike are joined by SUSPECT heroes Scott James and his K-9 partner, Maggie, in the new masterpiece of suspense from the No.1 bestselling author.

Loyalty, commitment, the fight against injustice - these are the things that have always driven Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. If they make a promise, they keep it. Even if it could get them killed.

When Elvis Cole is hired to locate a woman who may have disappeared with a stranger she met online, it seems like an ordinary case - until Elvis learns the missing woman worked for a defence contractor and was being blackmailed to supply explosives components for a person or persons unknown.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, LAPD officer Scott James and his patrol dog, Maggie, enter an abandoned building to locate an armed and dangerous thief, only to discover far more than they expected. The fugitive is dead, the building is filled with explosives, and Scott and Maggie are assaulted by a hidden man who escapes in the chaos, all as a bloodied Joe Pike watches from the shadows.

Soon, Scott and Maggie find themselves targeted by that man and, as their case intertwines with Elvis and Joe's, join forces to follow the trail of the missing woman as well. From inner-city drug traffickers to a shadowy group of Afghan war veterans with ties to a terrorist cell, the people they encounter on that trail add up to ever-increasing odds, and soon the four of them are fighting to find the woman not only before she is killed ... but before the same fate happens to one of them.

'Once again Crais has created a breathless thriller with an undercurrent of powerful emotion - and somehow made it seem easy'Through the sheer plausibility of his plotting and the deft characterisation of even the most minor characters, Crais delivers as satisfying an addition to the Cole/Pike canon as could be desiredThe gripping new novel from the master of the intelligent action thriller and author of SUSPECT, Robert Crais.

Robert Crais is the author of the SUNDAY TIMES bestselling Elvis Cole and Joe Pike novels. Crais began a successful career in television in the 1970s, writing scripts for such major series as CAGNEY AND LACEY, MIAMI VICE and HILL STREET BLUES. In addition to the Cole and Pike novels, he has also written several bestselling standalone thrillers. Crais lives in Los Angeles with his wife and family.

Find out more at

Robert Crais is a big bestseller across the globe. He features regularly in the SUNDAY TIMES and NEW YORK TIMES lists.SUSPECT slightly repositioned Robert Crais. It was a more emotional novel with greater psychological depth. We feel that this will only help him connect with a wider cross-over audience. This new novel will continue that approach and bring him nearer authors such as Harlan Coben and Linwood Barclay.SUSPECT also saw a big increase in Robert's US sales. This can only help his global performance.

The Stranger

By Harlan Coben

The Stranger appears out of nowhere, perhaps in a bar, or a parking lot, or at the grocery store. His identity is unknown. His motives are unclear. His information is undeniable. Then he whispers a few words in your ear and disappears, leaving you picking up the pieces of your shattered world.

Adam Price has a lot to lose: a comfortable marriage to a beautiful woman, two wonderful sons, and all the trappings of the American Dream: a big house, a good job, a seemingly perfect life.

Then he runs into the Stranger. When he learns a devastating secret about his wife, Corrine, he confronts her, and the mirage of perfection disappears as if it never existed at all. Soon Adam finds himself tangled in something far darker than even Corrine's deception, and realizes that if he doesn't make exactly the right moves, the conspiracy he's stumbled into will not only ruin lives - it will end them...

'With clever use of technology, convincing characters and a strong emotional heart, you're effortlessly swept along to a tense and dramatic conclusion. Smart stuff from a classy operator.''The master of the twisty psychological thriller is back with another awesomely gripping mystery.''The twists come satisfyingly thick and fast as the plots merge before the tangled web of evens unravels into an enjoyable and somewhat surprising conclusion.'The Sunday Times number one bestselling author delivers a shocking thriller that proves that a well-placed lie can help build a comfortable life - and a secret has the same explosive power to destroy it.

Harlan Coben is an international No.1 bestselling thriller author. He is the winner of the EDGAR, SHAMUS and ANTHONY AWARDs - the first to receive all three. His books are published in 40 languages, with over 47 million copies in print worldwide.

Both his standalone thrillers and series featuring the indomitable Myron Bolitar have been No.1 bestsellers in over a dozen countries, gracing the lists of the SUNDAY TIMES and the NEW YORK TIMES. His novel TELL NO ONE was turned into the smash hit French film of the same name, and received the highly coveted LUMIERE (French Golden Globe) for best picture as well as four CESARS (French Oscar). Harlan lives in New Jersey with his family.

Find out more at or follow him on Twitter @HarlanCoben

Harlan's last two standalones, SIX YEARS and MISSING YOU, have been massive international hits.Harlan is acknowledged to be the master of the suspense thriller.No one else writes quite like him. He takes the domestic and makes it cinematic!Harlan is a consistent No.1 bestseller both in the UK and USA. He's also massive throughout Europe and Australasia. He is published in 41 languages and has sold over 47 million copies worldwide.Harlan is a multiple award-winner. He has won all the major US crime awards - EDGAR, ANTHONY and SHAMUS - as well as the BESTSELLER DAGGER in the UK.All his novels receive top-notch reviews:

Narrowing the Field

By A.P. McCoy

Everything seems to be going right for brilliant young jockey Duncan Claymore. A career on the up, a beautiful wife, and all the trappings of wealth. But Duncan is haunted by the death of one of his arch-rivals. He may not have pulled the trigger, but he still has blood on his hands.

As Duncan struggles to keep his focus on the job, Michelle O'Brien - a friend and talented fellow jockey - is killed and Duncan knows this was far from a tragic accident. He's never liked William Osborne, but now he will stop at nothing to avenge Michelle's death.

With Duncan's seemingly perfect world starting to come apart at the seams, can he balance his desire for victory on the field with his desire to see justice served?

Murder, rivalry and revenge - the thrilling new novel from record-breaking champion jockey A.P. McCoy.

A. P. McCoy is a record-breaking Northern Irish horse-racing jockey with a series of impressive wins to his name, including the Cheltenham Gold Cup, Champion Hurdle, Queen Mother Champion Chase, King George VI Chase and the 2010 Grand National.

McCoy was named BBC SPORTS PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR in 2010, becoming the first jockey to win the award.


Set in the tense, high-stakes world of competitive racing, A. P. McCoy will bring his unrivalled knowledge of the racing world to this brilliant new thriller, featuring a series character that fans will love.A. P. McCoy has an incredible sporting reputation. He won the Grand National in 2010 and in the same year was the first jockey to be named BBC SPORTS PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR.This will be in the vein of the incredibly successful Dick Francis novels. The most recent Dick Francis and Felix Francis novel, CROSSFIRE, sold over 35,000 hardbacks and over 70,000 paperbacks.Has 252k followers on Twitter.