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  • Katherine Webb

    The Night Falling

    The international bestselling author of THE LEGACY returns with a searing new novel of secrets and feuds, set in 1920s Italy.
  • Harlan Coben

    The Stranger

    The Sunday Times number one bestselling author delivers a shocking thriller that proves that a well-placed lie can help build a comfortable life - and a secret has the same explosive power to destroy it.
  • Sahar Delijani

    Children of the Jacaranda Tree

    Iran. Amidst one country's tragedy, three mothers are united by love. Includes reading group notes.
  • Alan Bradley

    The Dead in their Vaulted Arches

    Even ghosts have secrets... A bizarre series of events and a gruesome mystery - the perfect combination for young sleuth Flavia de Luce.
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Girls Will Be Girls

By Emer O'Toole
Change the way you think about gender and feminism forever. With all the revolutionary zeal, laugh-out-loud humour and intelligence of Laura Bates, Caitlin Moran and Bell Hooks, Emer O'Toole explores what it really means to 'act like a girl'.

Being a woman is, largely, about performance - how we dress and modify our bodies, what we say, the roles we play, and how we conform to expectations. Gender stereotypes are still deeply embedded in our society, but Emer O'Toole is on a mission to re-write the old script and bend the rules of gender - and she shows how and why we should all be joining in.

Exploring what it means to 'act like a girl', Emer takes us on a hilarious and thought-provoking journey through her life (including singing 'Get Your Pits Out for the Lads' on national TV after growing out her body hair). Cross-dressing, booty-shaking, sexual disasters, family dinners and full-body waxing are all lovingly dissected in search of wisdom.

With game-changing ideas, academic intelligence and laugh-out-loud humour, this book will open your mind and revolutionise the way that you think about gender.

A fascinating exploration of how we 'do' gender. From the early labeling of infants to the ironclad enforcement of grooming and interpersonal behavior, gender expression is neither a matter of biological mandate nor individual choice. Emer O'Toole nimbly weaves philosophy and personal experience into a vivid depiction of gender identity as performance art.The blogger and columnist, who is emerging as one of the leading lights of the new feminism, uses anecdotes from her own life - from 'cross-dressing to pube-growing and full-body waxing' - to illuminate some of the the dos and don'ts for women trying to set themself free from gender stereotypes.A witty, engaging appeal for everybody to stop conforming so rigidly to gender stereotypes.... As this thoughtful, funny book reminds us, being a girl can mean a lot of things. And with luck one day women will all get to decide for themselves what that is.An entertaining book that makes you question the conventions of gender. I expect it will attract comparisons with Caitlin Moran's How to be A Woman. Like Moran's work, I wish it could be handed out to every teenage girl as a self-esteem booster.What I love most about Emer's writing is that she is not only able to explain complex ideas about feminist theory in a way that is engaging and relatable, but it is also really funny. If you love reading feminism which is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking, this book is the obvious next step up from Caitlin Moran. Get your hands on a copy.The book is personal, in that it's her own story of playing a different role, and it's chatty and funny and likeable, much as the author herself seems to be.Part autobiography, part heartfelt plea to change the way we look at gender, Girls will be Girls is an excelltn primer on feminist theory. Every teenage girl should be given a copy.Emer O'Toole is a scholar and writer who contributes to various online publications, including the GUARDIAN and the feminist blog VAGENDA. She is from the West of Ireland, but now lives in Montr?al, where she is Assistant Professor of Irish Performance Studies at Concordia University.

Follow Emer on Twitter @Emer_OToole

Emer O'Toole is no stranger to an international media furore - she made headlines in 2012 when she decided to stop shaving, appearing on primetime TV shows such as THIS MORNING and gaining coverage in national press.

Watch the clip here:

Emer is a regular contributor to the GUARDIAN and the renowned feminist blog VAGENDA.Emer is vocal about her views on gender, having spoken at the Southbank's Women of the World Festival in 2012 and 2013.As a published scholar and assistant professor, Emer is capable of bringing intellectual debate to a mass audience.

Words of Radiance Part One

By Brandon Sanderson
The No.2 SUNDAY TIMES bestselling epic fantasy sensation now published in two volumes in mass market paperback. Part One.

The natural heir to Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series hit No.1 in the US and No.2 in the UK with the hardback release of the massive second volume, WORDS OF RADIANCE. Split into two volumes for paperback this is Part One of that second volume.

WORDS OF RADIANCE takes the reader even deeper into the lives of its characters as they fight for power, freedom and their lives on the extraordinary, hurricane swept world of Rosharr.

Famed for his plotting, his wonderful characters and his intricate magic systems Brandon Sanderson is poised to take up the crown of Robert Jordan as the creator of the keynote epic fantasy series of its time with the Stormlight Archive.

When it comes to epic fantasy, Brandon Sanderson is the KingBrandon Sanderson has written a book that seals his spot as one of the greatest fantasy writersBrandon Sanderson writes with a clear confidence and utterly engaging writing style, one that will pull you in from the first page onwards and doesn't let you go when you finish page 1000'

Brandon Sanderson was born in Nebraska in 1975. Since then he has written, amongst others The Mistborn books and begun the internationally bestselling Stormlight Archive. He was also chosen by Robert Jordan's family to complete Jordan's Wheel of Time sequence. He lives in Utah.

Visit his website at, follow him on Twitter at and like him on Facebook at Read his blogs at and

WORDS OF RADIANCE was a No.2 SUNDAY TIMES hardback bestseller.It sold 38,000 copies in trade.Over 150,000 Stormlight Archive books already sold in the UK and Australia.Brandon Sanderson has over 60,000 followers on Twitter.Shaping up to be the Wheel of Time for this decade.


By Jeffrey A. Lieberman, Ogi Ogas
A seminal account of the history and contemporary landscape of psychiatry.

A world-renowned psychiatrist reveals the fascinating story of psychiatry's origins, demise and redemption.

Psychiatry has come a long way since the days of chaining 'lunatics' in cold cells and parading them as freakish marvels before a gaping public. But, as Jeffrey Lieberman reveals in his extraordinary and eye-opening book, the path to legitimacy for 'the black sheep of medicine' has been anything but smooth.

In SHRINKS, Dr Lieberman traces the field from its birth as a mystic pseudo-science through its adolescence as a cult of 'shrinks' to its late blooming maturity since the Second World War as a science-driven profession that saves lives. With fascinating case studies and portraits of the luminaries of the field, from Sigmund Freud to Eric Kandel, SHRINKS is a gripping and illuminating read. It is also an urgent call-to-arms to dispel the stigma surrounding mental illness and to start treating it as a disease rather than a state of mind.

An astonishing book: honest, sober, exciting, and humane. Lieberman writes with the authority of an expert, but with the humility of a doctor who has learned to treat the most profound and mysterious forms of mental illnesses ... This book brings you to the very forefront of one of the most amazing medical journeys of our timeJeffrey Lieberman has produced a masterful behind-the-scenes examination of psychiatry and, by extension, the human condition. His epic narrative charts the unlikely ascent of "the stepchild of medicine" from the earliest parlor-room charlatans of animal magnetism to the contentious Digital Age roll-out of the DSM-5, paralleling Lieberman's own professional transformation from eager psychoanalytic student of Freud to neuroscience-minded president of a reformed American Psychiatric Association. A wise and gripping book that tackles one of the most important questions of our time: what is mental illness?SHRINKS is an excellent way into the world of modern psychiatry: its science, the limits and benefits of its diagnostic systems and treatments, how doctors make good decisions and why they make bad ones. SHRINKS is as thorough as it is livelyThe most authoritative exploration I have read of the state of contemporary psychiatry ... It is also the most hopeful. Jeffrey Lieberman's account of the scientific revolution in psychiatry - a revolution that he both participated in and helped to foster - is compelling. But it is his candour, lack of dogmatism, and sensitivity to suffering that will linger in your mind long after you've turned the last pageAn authoritative, often inspiring account of progress in psychiatry, balanced by frank and admirable openness about the field's historical misstepsSHRINKS is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of mental health care ... I've been a policy-maker and a patient for decades, yet there was much in here I never really understood before. And now that we have mental health parity, that understanding is more important than ever. A smart, important, accessible bookOnly someone such as Jeffrey Lieberman ... has both the clinical and scientific vision to write a modern history of the evolution of psychiatry, from its primitive origins to its current promise for the future. This highly readable and fully accessible book puts the history of psychiatry into a modern perspective for the general readerSHRINKS is a great read and is highly recommended. By combining clinical case histories and theoretical musings, it describes where psychiatry came from and where it is going. The author, a highly respected clinical, research, and academic psychiatrist and recent President of the American Psychiatric Association, does not hesitate to describe the soft underbelly of his profession "as it matured from a psychoanalytic cult of shrinks into a scientific medicine of the brain." Especially interesting are descriptions of the profession's meanderings into intellectual dead ends, from Wilhelm Reich to Thomas Szasz and Daniel Amen. Equally intriguing is the emergence of today's scientific psychiatry which, when practiced skillfully, can afford great relief for many psychiatric disorders

Jeffrey Lieberman has spent over twenty-five years caring for patients and studying the nature and treatment of mental illness. He is the former President of the American Psychiatric Association, Chairman of Psychiatry at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, Psychiatrist in Chief at Columbia University Medical Center-New York Presbyterian Hospital, and Director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute.

View his Columbia University profile: and follow him on Twitter: @DrJlieberman


The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches

By Alan Bradley
Even ghosts have secrets... A bizarre series of events and a gruesome mystery - the perfect combination for young sleuth Flavia de Luce.

Was their killer still at large? Could their killer be here at Buckshaw...?

Two deaths, ten years apart, give Flavia de Luce the distraction she needs at a time when her family are more remote and dysfunctional than usual. Especially when a bizarre series of deadly events is casting a long shadow over everyone at Buckshaw.

For Flavia, a gruesome crime to solve is only one of the mysteries confronting her, as she begins to unravel the shocking revelations surrounding the mysterious disappearance of her mother. And as she starts putting the clues together, she discovers an extraordinary tale of espionage and betrayal that may also be the key to her own destiny.

Alan Bradley was born into a family of storytellers, who never stopped talking about the old days 'back home' in England - for which he is eternally grateful. He lives with his wife, Shirley, on the Isle of Man.Sam Mendes and Neal Street Productions - the company behind the successful CALL THE MIDWIFE TV series - have optioned TV rights to the Flavia de Luce mysteries. Due to be on air 2015.Published alongside the brand new Flavia de Luce novel THE DEAD IN THEIR VAULTED ARCHES - coming in Orion Trade.The first novel in the series, THE SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE, received outstanding reviews and established Flavia de Luce as the freshest and most engaging sleuth to appear since Alexander McCall Smith's Precious Ramotswe.Alan Bradley has won numerous awards, including the CWA DEBUT DAGGER AWARD and the 2010 AGATHA AWARD for the best first novel.Flavia is one of the most original and engaging sleuths in the genre, and the novel's dark-tinged nostalgia is irresistible.Perfect for fans of Alexander McCall Smith and classic period English crime.The Flavia de Luce novels have received terrific reviews:

Ian Rankin Returns With The 20th Rebus

The Orion Publishing Group has announced the welcome return of John Rebus in Ian Rankin’s new novel EVEN DOGS IN THE WILD. It is the twentieth book in the Rebus series and will be published in autumn 2015.