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    • ISBN:9780575075597
    • Publication date:12 May 2005
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    • ISBN:9781473226395
    • Publication date:21 Feb 2019


By Ken Grimwood
Read by Adam Sims

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What if you could re-live your life again... and again? A superb novel of life, love and second chances - and what it means to risk everything.
'One of the most elegant and moving time travels stories ever written ... thrilling' Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One

Jeff Winston's life is not how he imagined it would be. An unhappy marriage and unrewarding job - and then he died. Aged forty-three. And woke up again, back in his college room, in 1963, aged eighteen. With all his memories intact. If he applies those memories, he can be rich - he can have anything he wants - in this new chance at life.

Until he dies at forty-three and wakes up in his eighteen-year-old body again . . . and again in a continuous twenty-five year cycle each time starting from scratch at the age of eighteen to reclaim lost loves, make a fortune or remedy past mistakes. And then, in one replayed life, he meets a woman who knows all too well what he is experiencing.

REPLAY is a novel of gripping adventure, romance, and fascinating speculation on the nature of time, Replay asks the question: 'What if you could live your life over again?'

(p) 2019 Orion Publishing Group

Biographical Notes

KEN GRIMWOOD (1944-2003) was a radio journalist in California. He was the author of Breakthrough, Elise, The Voice Outside and Into the Deep. He won the World Fantasy Award for Replay.

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  • ISBN: 9781473227897
  • Publication date: 21 Feb 2019
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  • Imprint: Gollancz
In 1986 (seven years before the release of the film Groundhog Day), Grimwood published this riveting novel about a man who dies of a heart attack and then wakes up in his college dorm room 25 years earlier. He discovers that he has the chance to live his life over again. And again. And again. This is one of the most elegant and moving time travels stories ever written. A thrilling adventure that also explores the nature of destiny and the human experience. — Ernest Cline, author of READY PLAYER ONE
I didn't just love Replay, I believed in it, I dreamed of it ... I also discovered that I wasn't only believer; at the time, there were fan sites dedicated to Replay. Hundreds of people - like the fellow replayers we never realize are out there - were all dreaming my same dream — Brad Meltzer, You Must Read This
Powerful ... compelling ... superb! — Atlanta Journal
Ken Grimwood's Replay is one of the freshest, most engaging novels — Dean Koontz
The story and writing are terrific and the end is a thoroughly satisfying answer to a great "what if" question — Bari Wood
I was moved by it greatly — Fantasy Review
The psychological implications ... are vividly portrayed and his characters are well drawn and sustained — Vector
Highly successful ... the heart of the tale is the swift sophistication of its unpacking of the great dream — The Encylopedia of Fantasy