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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781474615389

Price: £19.99

ON SALE: 26th January 2021

Genre: Fiction & Related Items

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‘This feminist Western will keep you on the edge of your seat’ Reese Witherspoon

‘A real treat’ Jenny Zhang

‘Shares concerns with The Handmaid’s Tale and The Crucible but is distinctly itself’ The i

‘Contains basically everything I want in a book’ Vox

In the year of our Lord 1894, I became an outlaw.

Ada loves her broad-shouldered, bashful husband and her job as a midwife. But her luck is running out. It is a woman’s duty to have a child, to replace those lost in the Great Flu. Unable to get pregnant, Ada must flee from a town where barren women are hanged as witches.

When Ada joins the notorious Hole in the Wall Gang, a band of outlaws planning to create a haven for women outcast from society, she must decide if she’s willing to risk her life for the possibility of a new kind of future for them all.

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Anna North has written a captivating Western unlike any other, with unique rhythms, dusty lands, and characters like new friends brought in on high winds. A grand, unforgettable tale.
I'm dazzled by this feminist Western about a world in which women's worth and right to live are determined by the vagaries of fertility. Set in an alternate past, one all too similar to our today, Outlawed is terrifying, wise, tender, and thrilling. A masterpiece.
R.O. Kwon, author of The Incendiaries
Outlawed flips the script on the beloved Western genre and gives us the iconic heroine-on-the-run we deserve. Anna North is a riveting storyteller ... Reader, you are in for a real treat!
Jenny Zhang, author of SOUR HEART
A moving and invigorating complication of the Western, highlighting chosen family, love, and survival among outcasts in another American timeline. As she mines the genre for vital new stories, North beautifully shines a light on our real past and conveys a warning for the future.
Lydia Kiesling, author of THE GOLDEN STATE
Fans of Margaret Atwood and Cormac McCarthy finally get the Western they deserve in OUTLAWED, but Anna North doesn't just reimagine a damsel-in-distress as her own savior. She plays with the promise and danger of the frontier, introducing us to an America we never knew-and one we know all too well
This absorbing feminist western plucks the greatest conceits of the genre - the tension between individual freedom and society, the romance of the Old West marred by its inherent violence - and turns them on their heads . . . Anna North skewers the machismo traditionally championed by outlaws, and gives us instead resilient women who dress, rob and kill as men, but have all the burdens and forbearance of rejected women . . . written with careful prose that lingers lovingly on the details of convalescence, and luxuriating in its surroundings: the jackrabbits that hide behind jagged rocks, the smell of sage in Powder country . . . Outlawed shares concerns with The Handmaid's Tale and The Crucible, but is distinctly itself . . This is first a moving examination of how the marginalised find friendship in an indifferent world and only second, a western. John Wayne's characters had the luxury of self-imposed isolation; these outlaws must stick together or die
The i