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Two women become unexpected friends when they (unwillingly) move to the countryside, leaving London and city life behind. The results are quite something. . .

Izzie and Maddy would never normally have met – one bohemian and free thinking, the other materialistic and designer obsessed – weren’t it for their respective husband’s careers. Dumped in the countryside, both feeling like a fish out of water, their world’s collide at an event. Here, they discover a mutually deep appreciation for life in London – and an equally deep hatred for women’s lunches.

Soon, tragedy strikes, and Maddy has to find a way to make money fast. Together, they launch a company from their kitchen which proves to be more successful than they ever could have imagined. But when the media spotlight turns on them, the pair are forced to walk away from all they hold dear and embrace a lifestyle they hate. The question is – how far will they be willing to go?