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Through German Eyes

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781474618069

Price: £9.99

ON SALE: 5th March 2020

Genre: Humanities / History / Regional & National History / European History

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The key battle of the First World War from the German point of view

The Battle of the Somme has an enduring legacy, the image established by Alan Clark of ‘lions led by donkeys’: brave British soldiers sent to their deaths by incompetent generals. However, from the German point of view the battle was a disaster. Their own casualties were horrendous. The Germans did not hold the (modern) view that the British Army was useless. As Christopher Duffy reveals, they had great respect for the British forces and German reports shed a fascinating light on the volunteer army recruited by General Kitchener.

The German view of the British Army has never been made public until now. Their typically diligent reports have lain undisturbed in obscure archives until unearthed by Christopher Duffy. The picture that emerges is a far cry from ‘Blackadder’: the Germans developed an increasing respect for the professionalism of the British Army. And the fact that every British soldier taken prisoner still believed Britain would win the war gave German intelligence teams their first indication that their Empire would go down to defeat.


Subtle and intelligent
It is difficult to understate the importance of this book to our understanding of the Western Front in the First World War ... Exploiting both archival and published German-language material, Professor Duffy has produced a richly detailed, scholarly and immensely readable study of a vital but neglected subject ... THROUGH GERMAN EYES shows Christopher Duffy, one of the world's leading military historians, at the very top of his form. Every subsequent historian of the First World War will be forced to take account of his conclusions
Duffy's book is crisply written and an easy read
Not another comprehensive history of the Battle of the Somme, but a look at it from the German point of view
Christopher Duffy's subtle and intelligent book... is a refreshing addition to the literature of the Western Front experience
Patrick Bishop
Excellent ... fascinating first-hand reports ... enlightening