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The Evidence

The Evidence

Todd Fremde is an author, a writer of police procedurals and criminal mysteries. Invited to the remote island of Dearth, far across the Dream Archipelago, to talk at a conference, he finds himself caught up in a series of mysteries. How can Dearth claim to be completely crime-free, yet still have an armed police force? Why are they so keen for him to appear, but so dismissive when he arrives? Is his sense of time confused, or is something confusing happening to time itself?
And how does this all connect with a murder committed on his home island, ten years before, and seemingly forgotten?

Fremde’s investigation and research will lead him to some dangerous conclusions…
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items

On Sale: 15th October 2020

Price: £20

ISBN-13: 9781473231375


Priest writes with charm, grace, and a wistful individuality
Priest's mesmeric power is formidable
A novelist of distinction
Sunday Times
Priest is a powerful and underappreciated writer
Daily Telegraph
Simultaneously familiar and weird, grippy and slippy, The Evidence is a tour de force of intimate alienation.
Daily Mail
The Evidence is an essential missive from Priest's "Dream Archipelago"...Years hence we will look back at this loose collection and be amazed.
The Times