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The Anatomy of Anxiety

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ON SALE: 22nd March 2022

Genre: Society & Social Sciences

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‘A redeeming way to look at the condition, as not merely a burden but ultimately a blessing … unexpectedly moving … validating and hopeful’ Guardian

‘An incredible paradigm shift in how we view anxiety’ Dr Nicole LePera, author of international bestseller How to Do the Work

Anxiety. It’s all in your head, right? Wrong.

Psychiatrist Dr Ellen Vora challenges the conventional view of anxiety as a mental disorder, suggesting instead that much of what we call anxiety begins in the body. Rather than our troubled thoughts creating physical symptoms, she argues that many types of anxiety are the result of states of imbalance in our bodies, whether blood sugar crashes, caffeine highs or sleep deprivation.

Her clinical observation shows this type of anxiety is far more preventable than we may realise, responding almost immediately to straightforward adjustments to diet and lifestyle.
Backed by the latest scientific research and Dr Vora’s own clinical work, The Anatomy of Anxiety offers a fresh, much needed look at mental health, offering actionable strategies for managing our moods.

She further argues that other forms of anxiety, when listened to and honoured instead of suppressed, can be seen as a course correction to help nudge us back to a more balanced life.

In her groundbreaking book, Dr Vora walks beside us through a healing process to reframe our relationship with anxiety, creating a more joyful and fulfilled life.

What's Inside

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Dr Ellen Vora is the rare psychiatrist who moves past the prescription pad to probe the underlying factors that contribute to these pervasive feelings of uneasiness. This is a hopeful guide to anxiety, one that addresses the ingredients of this complicated stew and offers tactical advice for unwinding its death-grip on our minds and lives.
Elise Loehnen, former CCO of goop and host of the Pulling the Thread podcast
In a time when anxiety is at an all-time high, my esteemed colleague Dr. Ellen Vora's timing and message with this book is impeccable. This brilliant work offers us a holistic approach to anxiety that is thoughtful and comprehensive yet imbued with a beautiful grace and heart just like it's author.
Dr Will Cole, leading functional medicine expert, New York Times bestselling author of Intuitive Fasting
What sweet salve - for anxiety to be seen as the 'beginning of inquiry', not as a broken state. Thank you, Ellen, for leading us on this new, somatic, integrated, and vibrant journey with your expertise and your mindfully curated lived experience.
Sarah Wilson, New York Times bestselling author of First, We Make the Beast Beautiful
Anxiety keeps your life small. Dr Vora's approach will get you out of your head and into your body, relationships, and lifestyle by dismantling anxiety (major and minor) for good.
Melissa Urban, CEO and co-founder of Whole30
A thought-provoking debut...Vora's sensible, easy-to-implement advice is backed up with solid medical rationales. Readers struggling with anxiety would do well to seek out this first-rate primer.
Publishers Weekly
The Anatomy of Anxiety is a paradigm shift in how we view anxiety and the mind-body connection. Dr Vora's approach gets to often-unaddressed root causes of anxiety and teaches you how to find well-being. Anxiety truly is our teacher, and this book is a must-have for anyone looking to heal.
Dr. Nicole LePera, founder of The Holistic Psychologist and author of How to Do the Work
The most comprehensive book in print on anxiety: what it is, its myriad causes, the ways in which it affects us, and how we can practically use, manage and transcend it. The Anatomy of Anxiety is like The Body Keeps the Score for anxiety. Everyone needs this book.
Holly Whitaker, New York Times bestselling author of Quit Like a Woman