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The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781399620406

Price: £20

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‘I can’t recommend this one highly enough ‘ HARLAN COBEN
‘I keep thinking every time I read one of his books, “That’s his best book.” No. THIS is his best book’ ANN PATCHETT


In 1972, when workers in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, were digging the foundations for a new development, the last thing they expected to find was a skeleton at the bottom of a well. Who the skeleton was and how it got there were two of the long-held secrets kept by the residents of Chicken Hill, the dilapidated neighbourhood where immigrant Jews and African Americans lived side by side and shared ambitions and sorrows.

As the story moves back in time to the 1930s and the characters’ stories overlap and deepen, it becomes clear how much the people who live on the margins struggle and what they must do to survive. When the truth is finally revealed about what happened on Chicken Hill, McBride shows us that even in dark times, it is love and community – heaven and earth – that sustain us.

What's Inside

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McBride looks squarely at savage truths about race and prejudice, but he also insists on humour and hope. The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store is one of the best novels I've read this year.
Maureen Corrigan, NPR Fresh Air
I loved this book. An intricate weaving of race and prejudice told with heart and hope
Bonnie Garmus, author of LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY
Funny, tender, knockabout, gritty and suspenseful, McBride's microcosmic, socially critiquing and empathic novel dynamically celebrates difference, kindness, ingenuity and the force that compels us to move heaven and earth to help each other
McBride entertains us and shows us both the beauty and the ugliness of humanity
It's hard to imagine anyone being able to write to the caliber of Toni Morrison and Edward P. Jones, but James McBride does just that
Dallas Morning News
A murder mystery locked inside a Great American Novel . . . a charming, smart, heart-blistering and heart-healing novel
Danez Smith, New York Times Book Review
I keep thinking every time I read one of his books, 'That's his best book.' No. THIS is his best book.
With his eccentric, larger-than-life characters and outrageous scenes of spliced tragedy and comedy, 'Dickensian' is not too grand a description for his novels, but the term is ultimately too condescending and too Anglican. The melodrama that McBride spins is wholly his own, steeped in our country's complex racial tensions and alliances. Surely, the time is not too far distant when we'll refer to other writers' hypnotically entertaining stories as McBridean . . . We all need - we all deserve - this vibrant, love-affirming novel that bounds over any difference that claims to separate us
Ron Charles, Washington Post
This is one of those novels that becomes a part of you. It's a great book. Every character is rich; every detail is rich. I can't recommend this one highly enough
Harlan Coben
McBride is an acknowledged master of high-resolution historical fiction, peppered with wit and insight
A modern-day Mark Twain
New York Times Book Review
The interlocking destinies of McBride's characters make for tense, absorbing drama and, at times, warm, humane comedy. . . If it's possible for America to have a poet laureate, why can't James McBride be its storyteller-in-chief?
Kirkus, Starred Review
Shouldn't we just get it over with and declare McBride this decade's Great American Novelist?
Los Angeles Times
Epic . . . Glorious. An uplifting tale of kindness and community
Mesmerizing, moving, almost magical . . . a miracle of storytelling that will leave you laughing and crying
The Associated Press
McBride's pages burst with life . . . This endlessly rich saga highlights the different ways in which people look out for one another
Publishers Weekly