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Tales of a Monstrous Heart

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781399615976

Price: £20

ON SALE: 29th August 2024

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Fantasy / Fantasy Romance

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Be careful of the dark and those that call it friend.

Katherine Woodrow is fey, and all she wants is to graduate from the Institute of Magic. But when the prejudiced mortal council threaten her position at the institute, she is left with only one option: accept a Mage Partnership with the elusive Lord Blackthorn.

Emrys Blackthorn is a riddle Kat is fearful of solving. The mysterious, cursed war hero with his stormy eyes and unpredictable ways leaves Kat with more questions than answers. What she does know is that she is irresistibly drawn to him . . . no matter how forbidden it might be.

When a string of murders and fey disappearances herald the return of dark magic, Kat and Emrys are thrown into a world of ancient books that hide hideous monsters, dark fiends who play with nightmares and mortal men who wish nothing more than to see them both burn.

But what haunts them both are secrets even ghosts dare not whisper, while insidious shadows lick their teeth and sharpen their claws, waiting for the moment that all tales will come to light – even the monstrous ones.


TALES OF A MONSTROUS HEART is a sensual, gothic feast, full of forbidden romance and wild magic. Fey scholar Kat is a compelling heroine: intelligent, resourceful, and daring, with private wounds and deadly secrets. She meets her match in Emrys, the brooding lord of the manor and an expert in dark magic who hides secrets of his own. As Kat and Emrys struggle with rogue curses, magical blight, and the looming specter of war, they also battle their own suppressed desires. This slow-burn romance is set in a detailed and fascinating fantasy world, and Delaney spices her luscious prose with sharp commentary on class politics and the cyclical nature of violence. I loved this and can't wait for the next book!
Sarah Hawley