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The Insecure Girl's Handbook

The Insecure Girl's Handbook

Oh hi! My name’s Olivia and I am *clears throat* a long-time member of the Insecure Girls’ Club. If you are too, then you’re not alone – a recent study found 62% of girls and women feel insecure or not sure of themselves, with 7 out of 10 believing they don’t measure up. But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are ways out of those slumps and the days where we feel unsure about ourselves, and that’s where this book comes in.

The Insecure Girl’s Handbook will guide you through your insecurity no matter what life stage you’re at, pointing out the pitfalls of people pleasing, negative backchat and crippling comparison along the way. It’s a carefully curated toolkit of tried and tested mechanisms and small pearls of wisdom to start combatting that feeling that holds us back from speaking up, from following our dreams or even feeling that our dreams aren’t good or big enough. I hope it will provide you with a comforting hug and pep talk, from one insecure girl to another, so you can stop imposter syndrome in its tracks and halt the waves of self-doubt that sometimes unexpectedly flood our work life, friendships, relationships and every other crevice in between.

So, here’s to treating ourselves like we treat others, putting ourselves first and being the secure and thoughtful women that we know we can be. I know you’re good enough – and by the time you’ve finished reading, I’m positive you’ll think so too.
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Genre: Health & Personal Development / Self-help & Personal Development

On Sale: 6th February 2020

Price: £14.99

ISBN-13: 9781841883892