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Les Abats

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781409168966

Price: £30

ON SALE: 19th October 2017

Genre: Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure

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“Don’t be afraid of offal. Some of the greatest of all French classics involve organ meats such as brains and sweetbreads.” – Michel Roux Jr

Celebrated chef Michel Roux Jr passionately believes that we are missing out. At a time when food shortage is a global concern, health fears over processed meat are making headlines and the cost of living is higher than ever, he can’t understand our reluctance to utilise every part of an animal’s carcass. Brains, organs, intestines, hooves items that are traditionally viewed with distaste in our society are an integral part of French and world cuisine.

With this book, the two-star Michelin chef hopes to change the way we think about offal and demonstrate that, with a little time and effort, it can be used to produce enticing and delicious food to impress friends and feed families.

The book will contain recipes ranging from the simple sweetbreads Michel’s mother fed him as a child, to the more adventurous dishes in the style served at his award-winning restaurants. Dishes range from La Salade Aveyronnaise (Warm salad with sweetbreads and Roquefort) or Soupe aux abattis (Giblet soup), to Cervelle de veau zingara (Calves’ brains with zingara) or Langue de boefu au persil et cares (Salted ox tongue with caper parsley sauce).


There's a cost to eating only certain cuts of meat, as well as a whole lot of waste. From brains to intestines and organs, in Les Abats, Roux shares ways to make the most of the whole animal, from snout to tail.
One for dedicated food fans, with access to a good butcher, because this, as French speakers will realise, is all about offal.Unrelentingly meaty, with no pretty pictures, Roux offers recipes for chopped liver, pickled venison heart and poached calf's head.
Claire Coleman, METRO