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An enthralling epic of love, money, power and revenge.

On a luxurious Balinese island, the charismatic tycoon Marcus Brand entertains his six godchildren. By the end of the weekend, secrets will be revealed that will change everybody’s life, a climax to the web of lies and betrayals spun over the course of thirty years.

The godchildren are Charlie – the aristocratic Old Etonian, who’s fascinated and enthralled by Marcus’s wealth and who devotes his life to securing an inheritance; Mary – the daughter of one of Marcus’s business colleagues, her life is blighted by tragedy; Jamie – feckless but utterly charming, he drifts from one job to another, crossing Marcus’s path just once too often for comfort; Saffron – delicate and sensitive as well as stunningly beautiful, she is unaware of her power over men … and of Marcus’s power over her; Abigail – insecure and gauche, she blames Marcus for the disaster of her life; and Stuart – the working-class son of Marcus’s dead chauffeur, he is torn between admiration and hatred for his supremely successful, capitalist godfather…