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Homemade Takeaways

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781409154648

Price: £18.99

ON SALE: 2nd July 2015

Genre: Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure

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From burger joints to pizza parlours, our towns and cities sparkle with the neon lights of takeaways. But among the deliciously exotic aromas of frying noodles, rotating meats and simmering spices, linger the toxic combinations of salt and chemicals that cause heart burn, obesity and diabetes.

HOMEMADE TAKEAWAYS injects the nation’s favourite takeaways with new inspiration by recreating them using fresh produce and proper cooking methods. This is by no means a health book or a diet book, but by simply being able to control the quality of ingredients you use to cook the recipes, this book will make infinitely healthier food than you will find in any takeaway. Rob Allison uses his wealth of experience in the food industry to create mouth-watering and flavoursome food for any occasion.


A genuinely brilliant idea for a book and beautifully executed to boot.
Nigella Lawson
DIY takeaways sound counter-intuitive - surely the one good thing about a takeaway is the fact that someone else has made it for you. But what if you live in the sticks, a 30-minute drive from your nearest fast-food joint, and fancy a hamburger? Homemade Takeaways provides the answer. It's an inspired collection of 100 recipes recreating late-night addictions such as massaman curry, margherita pizza, doner kebabs, Cornish pasties, miso soup and crispy duck.
Carolyn Hart, Daily Telegraph
Takeway - a word to make taste buds happy. if only we could create those flavours at home... Well now we can, thanks to Homemade Takeaways, a new cookbook by Rob Allison. Making chow mein or kebabs at home means they're (a little) better for you and will save you money. But don't just take our word for it, fan Nigella Lawson has posted the book cover on Instagram. And apologies in advance to your local chicken shop, once you've made the chicken wings, you won't go back.
Jenny Stallard, Metro