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Weapons of Mass Destruction

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781780223773

Price: £5.49

ON SALE: 29th December 2011

Genre: Humanities / History

A history of weapons of mass destruction from the First World War to the Gulf War – and beyond.

When Tom Lehrer sang ‘We’ll all go together when we go’, the world was gripped by fear of nuclear holocaust: the ultimate endgame of every Cold War powerplay. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the threat was assumed to have gone away. But Libya, Iraq, Iran and North Korea are building weapons of mass destruction. The next live Scud missile launch could signal the next Hiroshima.

Robert Hutchinson investigates the history of weapons of mass destruction, from biological warfare during World War I to the atomic weapons of World War II and the Cold War. He reveals that Russia did indeed build the ‘Doomsday’ nuclear missile system featured in DR STRANGELOVE, but not until the 1980s: and it is still switched on! Chemical weapons remain the ‘poor man’s nuke’. And as the attack on the Tokyo subway demonstrated, weapons of mass destruction are now available to terrorist organizations as well as ‘rogue’ nation states.