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Demystifying The Female Brain

Demystifying The Female Brain

Understanding how your brain works during the key stages of life is essential to maintaining your health. Dr Sarah McKay is a neuroscientist who knows everything worth knowing about women’s brains, and shares it in this cutting-edge, essential book.

This is not a book about the differences between male and female brains, nor a book using neuroscience to explain gender-specific behaviours, the ‘battle of the sexes’ or ‘Mars-Venus’ stereotypes. This is a book about what happens to the brains of women as they cycle through the phases of life, which are unique to females by virtue of their biology and in particular their hormones.

In Demystifying The Female Brain, Dr McKay gives insights into brain development during infancy, childhood and the teenage years (including the onset of puberty) and looks at pregnancy, motherhood, and mental health.

The book weaves together findings from the research lab, interviews with neuroscientists and other researchers working in the disciplines of neuroendocrinology, brain development, brain health and ageing, along with stories and case studies.
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Genre: Health & Personal Development

On Sale: 12th July 2018

Price: £14.99

ISBN-13: 9781409173182


The neuroscientist looks at the workings of the female brain, with relation to our hormones in particular. Fascinating
A great insight into how different life stages and hormones affect our brains
Reassuring reading
Debunks some of the enduring myths about the female mind
Demystifying the Female Brain by neuroscientist Dr Sarah McKay sheds light on exactly how your mind works