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21st Century Boys

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781409111269

Price: £9.99

ON SALE: 21st May 2009

Genre: Health & Personal Development

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A major new insight into the difficulties of raising boys, and how parents can help their sons fulfil their potential. From the author of TOXIC CHILDHOOD.

What’s happening to boys? At home, they sprawl before a flickering screen, lost in a solitary, sedentary fantasy world; at school, the choice of role seems limited to nerd or thug, bullied or bullying. By the time they reach their teens, the chances of depression, self-harm, drug or alcohol abuse grow each year. Raising boys has never been more difficult.

For the sake of their sons, parents need to know the facts about how boys develop and how best to protect them from the damaging effects of modern life. Sue Palmer assesses the issues currently confronting boys from birth to when they leave school, and explains how we can all help to ensure they emerge as healthy, normal adults. Based on the latest research from around the world, 21st CENTURY BOYS provides parents, teachers and others with a clear pathway to bringing up boys.


I suggest you go out and buy 21st Century Boys and read it for yourself, and I wager that you'll not have bought a more important or treasured book in a long time
Palmer (who has) more than 30 years' teaching experience under her belt, is a woman on a mission
One of the pleasures of reviewing books for The Teacher is to find a book that makes you think about the way you approach teaching - 21st Century Boys is such a book
Invaluable advice on opening up conversations about school or anything else, and helping children talk through problems
Behind the screaming headlines, she talks a lot of sense
A very well researched book with plenty of pretty inarguable evidence... The ever-practical Ms Palmer provides pages of "what we can do" suggestions at the end of each chapter, including specific ideas for teachers
Practical advice for parents is evident in each chapter and offered in a very non-patronizing "common sense" style
In a hugely informative and interesting book packed with readable research, Palmer suggests how we can raise balanced, bright boys. Each chapter ends with practical suggestions for how this might be achieved
Based on the latest research from around the world, 21st Century Boys provides parents and teachers with a clear pathway to bringing up boys