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    • ISBN:9781473203990
    • Publication date:09 Feb 2017
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    • ISBN:9781409165941
    • Publication date:21 Apr 2016
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Into Everywhere

By Paul McAuley

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The Jackaroo gave humanity access to alien worlds and technologies, yet we still know nothing about them. As humanity spreads wider into the universe, will we discover what secrets they are hiding?

The Jackaroo, those enigmatic aliens who claim to have come to help, gave humanity access to worlds littered with ruins and scraps of technology left by long-dead client races. But although people have found new uses for alien technology, that technology may have found its own uses for people.

The dissolute scion of a powerful merchant family, and a woman living in seclusion with only her dog and her demons for company, have become infected by a copies of a powerful chunk of alien code.

Driven to discover what it wants from them, they become caught up in a conflict between a policeman allied to the Jackaroo and the laminated brain of a scientific wizard, and a mystery that spans light years and centuries. Humanity is about to discover why the Jackaroo came to help us, and how that help is shaping the end of human history.

Biographical Notes

Paul McAuley won the PHILIP K. DICK AWARD for his first novel and has gone on to win the ARTHUR C. CLARKE, SIDEWISE, BRITISH FANTASY and JOHN W. CAMPBELL AWARDs. He gave up his position as a research biologist to write full time. He lives in London.

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  • ISBN: 9781473204003
  • Publication date: 21 Apr 2016
  • Page count:
  • Imprint: Gollancz
'A book infused with energy and confidence'. — SFX
the latest novel from Paul McAuley finds him at the top of his game — The Telegraph
As usual, McAuley imparts mind-bending SF concepts in prose that is always elegant and precise — Crime Time