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The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths

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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781409153108

Price: £19.99

ON SALE: 13th March 2014

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Crime & Mystery

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When DC Fiona Griffiths says ‘yes’ to her policeman boyfriend, it’s an affirmation that she wants finally to put her psychological breakdown behind her, and become a resident of ‘Planet Normal’ like everybody else. But she still can’t resist the challenge of an undercover policing course, and finding it remarkably easy to assume a new identity, she comes top of the class.

So when an ingenious payroll fraud starts to look like the tip of a huge criminal iceberg, Fiona is selected to infiltrate the fraudsters’ operation. Posing as a meek former payroll clerk now forced to work as a cleaner, Fiona Griffiths becomes Fiona Grey, hoping the criminals will try and recruit her – knowing that if they discover her real identity, she’s dead meat. But as Fiona penetrates deeper into their operation, coming closer to identifying the mastermind behind it, she faces another, even more frightening danger – that her always fragile grip on her sense of self has now been lost and she may never find her way back.

Read by Siriol Jenkins

(p) 2014 Isis Publishing Ltd

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Bingham's novels always contain something unexpected. This fast-moving novel contains some of the most ingenious murder methods in modern crime fiction.
Sunday Times
Gritty, compelling ... a [police] procedural unlike any other you are likely to read this year.
USA Today
With Detective Constable Fiona 'Fi' Griffiths, Harry Bingham ... finds a sweet spot in crime fiction ... think Stieg Larsson's Lisbeth Salander ... Denise Mina's 'Paddy' Meehan [or] Lee Child's Jack Reacher ... The writing is terrific.
Boston Globe
Exceptional ... Absorbing ... Fiona's narrative sears the pages.
Very exciting ... well informed and well written. Read this novel.
Literary Review
Fiona Griffiths may be the most fascinating protagonist in fiction. She is similar to Lisbeth Salander, an intelligent but profoundly damaged young woman, but Fiona is less hostile and more curious, sort of a good guy sociopath. I couldn't put it down. This is definitely one of my very favorite thriller series. I love this character and I hope I have the chance to read many more. Harry Bingham is a genius and one hell of a writer.
Audrey, Top 500 Reviewer
A stunner with precision plotting, an unusual setting, and a deeply complex protagonist ... We have the welcome promise of more books to come.
The Seattle Times
A dark delight, and I look forward to Fiona's future struggles with criminals, her demons and the mysteries of her past.
Washington Post
The easiest five stars I've ever awarded a book. Fiona Griffiths is by far the most original fictional detective I've come across ... [the book] made me feel breathless with worry, concern and eventually fear for Fiona.
Loretta Milan
An even more intense plot and richer character study than his first ... Fiona's past mental problems and her unconventional personality make her a distinctive lead.
Publishers Weekly, (starred review)
Some of the most memorably staccato narration in the genre ... [Bingham's] remote, unquenchable heroine makes her stand apart from every one of her procedural brothers and sisters.
Kirkus Reviews
Compelling ... a new crime talent to treasure
Praise for gripping, atmosphere Fiona Griffiths crime thriller series: Chilling, atmospheric and so gripping it hurts. You won't read a better crime novel this year
Intriguing and compelling - I love Fiona Griffiths
In a word - brilliant. One of the most enjoyable crime novels I've read in a while
Compelling and claustrophic, Without a doubt, Fiona Griffiths is one of crime's most memorable heroines
One of the most interesting and complicated protagonists in current UK crime fiction. Truly unforgettable
Fiona Griffiths is one of the most unusual and engaging characters in British crime fiction. Those who haven't yet encountered Fiona will be drawn into a beautifully crafted world
Gripping...Fiona Griffiths kept me hooked to the last page and left me hungry for more