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This book is for you. Yes, you specifically.

We hope you enjoy your trip to the happiest, most advanced place on earth.
QualityLand is the world’s first 2.0 country, where everything is run by infallible algorithm, including:

Society (in which everyone is ranked by level)
Shopping (orders arrive before you even know you want them)
Relationships (you will be notified instantly if there is a better match)

In fact, this very algorithm selected you to visit QualityLand. If you don’t like it, you’re not just ungrateful – you’re also wrong, because the algorithm is always right.

While you’re visiting, be aware there is an election going on – the perfect time to see QualityLand in action…



Satire reminiscent of Douglas Adams or Rob Grant
QUALITYLAND is very funny and very scary - my kind of book.
Mike Judge, creator of Silicon Valley and King of the Hill
This is spot-on satire.
An amusing skewering of the logical consequences of the world's increasing efficiency and optimisation.
The best kind of satire, offering up a funhouse mirror version of our world that is so smart and so cutting, you have to laugh to keep from crying.
Rob Hart, author of THE WAREHOUSE
How much you enjoy this is in direct proportion to how much trouble you think we're in. Sleep tight.
Nineteen Eighty-Four meets Vonnegutian slapstick in a free-wheeling satire spliced with black humour and some gloriously wicked social commentary.
Eric Brown, GUARDIAN
An enjoyable romp through an overwrought capitalist dystopia masquerading as a Utopia.
This brave new world is revealed in a series of pin-sharp, unsettling and scathing vignettes... Brilliant satire and a great read that is currently in production as an HBO TV series.
Jamie Buxton, DAILY MAIL
As the carrier for a slew of satirical ideas about the state of our internet-enabled society, Marc-Uwe Kling's international bestseller is full of zing from first page to last... a dystopian comic yarn comparable to Black Mirror, Kurt Vonnegut or Philip K Dick
Dominic Maxwell, THE TIMES