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What's Left of Me is Yours

What's Left of Me is Yours


Within the Tokyo underworld there is an industry which exists to break up marriages. It is known today as wakaresaseya – agents who, for a fee, can be hired by one spouse to seduce the other and provide grounds for divorce on favourable terms.

Inspired by a real case, this is the story of Kaitaro Nakamura, a wakaresaseya agent, who is hired by a man to seduce his wife. Kaitaro falls in love with his target, Rina, and after the divorce she moves in with him, unaware of his role in the demise of her marriage.

Inevitably, however, the truth resurfaces… with tragic consequences.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Crime & Mystery

On Sale: 21st April 2020

Price: £19.99

ISBN-13: 9781409186601


A brilliant debut.
Louise Doughty, #1 bestselling author of APPLE TREE YARD and PLATFORM SEVEN
Beautifully written, atmospheric, and immersive, Stephanie Scott's What's Left of Me Is Yours tells a propulsive story about heartbreak and loss and the greatest mystery of all, family.
Laurie Frankel, author of THIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS IS
Stephanie Scott's story of a woman's murder sweeps the reader into a world in which love is fused with betrayal and truth is locked away. Beautiful, delicate and brutal, What's Left Of Me Is Yours is difficult to put down, impossible to forget.
Marti Leimbach, bestselling author of DANIEL ISN'T TALKING
A stunning debut: tragically beautiful, sensuous and haunting. Wow, just wow.
Fiona Mitchell, author of THE MAID'S ROOM
Remember that new-discovery, time-stopping, every-moment-is-magical kind of love? That's what it felt like to read this novel. Then limerence turns to passion which leads to tragedy and suddenly this book is impossible to put down as you speed toward a conclusion that is as surprising as it is satisfying.
Jamie Ford, New York Times bestselling author of HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET
What's Left of Me is Yours is part love story, part crime novel, exploring both romantic and family relationships as it charts a young woman's search for the truth about her mother's life and death. Set against a stylishly evoked backdrop of both past and present Japan, this is a beautifully written and meticulously researched novel. The illicit love story at the heart of this book is complex and unusual, but told with such insight that the deep, intense passion the couple experience almost rises from the page. This is a novel that is beautifully descriptive, unusual, and exquisitely written - a novel that is sure to stand out from the crowd
Susan Elliot Wright
Stephanie Scott has achieved that rare thing in her debut - a literary love story that reads like an assured thriller. Compelling, moving and intense, What's Left of Me is Yours reminds us that love is never without its dark side, families are never without secrets, and the deepest loss contains a seed of hope - if it can be found
Stella Duffy
Inspired by a real life situation, this spellbinding story set against the marriage break-up industry in Japan has devastating consequences you almost forget about, so immersed are you in the character's lives... An exquisitely crafted masterpiece you'll be pressing into the hands of others.
Exhilarating... Byzantine subplots, distinctive characters, and atmospheric settings will leave readers spellbound.
Scott poignantly evokes both a mother trapped by the choices made for her and a daughter learning to deal with her own precarious freedom. She clearly defines the unfortunate effects of the traditional Japanese legal system on women, and with carefully accumulated details describes a Japan both physically and psychologically teetering on the edge of change.
Scott deftly spins a web through modern day Tokyo in this captivating dual-perspective rendering of a young woman determined to find out the truth behind her mother's murder.
I loved What's Left of Me Is Yours. Gripping, heartbreaking, immersive. I read it with my heart in my throat.
Dark, addictive and eye-opening, this is a brilliant debut.
Stylist, Best Books April 2020
This hotly tipped debut examines the hidden human dramas behind Japan's murky marriage break-up industry, with the dead woman reclaimed as a vivacious, loving mother trapped in an unhappy marriage... lovely.
Scott delivers a delicately nuanced account of a complex tragedy rooted in the clash between illicit desire and the obligations of duty.
Declan Burke, IRISH TIMES
This slow-burning novel tells a story of love, betrayal and lies.
Magnificent... What's Left of Me is Yours is all about the why, and to get there one is led elegantly through the story by the victim, Rina Sato.
[Scott] weaves in fascinating explanations of the legal system... the world she creates in What's Left of Me Is Yours feels very sure under foot: deeply researched, but delicately described. Scott gives a clear sense of place and time, from contemporary Tokyo to evocations of seaside holiday cabins and shrines in forests... she braids her different characters' timelines together with sophistication, her storytelling harmoniously well-constructed. The big questions over whether it's better to lie or to tell a difficult truth, and what might constitute a betrayal, are layered across generations and decades and there is strength in the subtlety with which Scott slowly unpacks them.
This incredible debut is one you'll be pressing into the hands of others... it's an exquisite read.
The wealth of detail about life in Japan is truly fascinating... you'll have the heart rate of an Olympic hurdler.
Scott excels at atmospheric descriptions: the glass and light of Tokyo, the forests, snow-capped mountains and beaches beyond... a slow-burning, many-layered and powerful mystery.